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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Ten, Time Management Techniques Really Worth Using.

In business, there are good strategies that are poorly executed, poor strategies executed well, but rarely is there truly new, revolutionary strategy.
Here are some of the time management techniques that is applicable to anybody and are worth using. It is taken from the book of Dan Kennedy's, Ultimate Guide to Time Management.
Technique # 1: Tame the Phone, number one source of distraction for most people, you must get a firm grip on this technique.
Technique # 2: Minimize Meetings, you a strategy to avoid them. If you lead meetings, you need strategy to abbreviate and focus them. If you must attend meetings, you need a strategy to escape from them at will.
Technique # 3: Practice absolute Punctuality. Arrive on or before time.
Technique # 4: Make and Use Lists.
The things that must be included in your list;
  1. Your Schedule
  2. Things to do 
  3. People to Call
  4. Conference Planner 
Technique # 5: Fight to Link Everything to your Goals. Make a reason for everything you do.
Technique # 6: Tickle the Memory with Tickler Files. Prepare a paper and ball pen for taking notes and lists.
Technique # 7: Block your Time. Prepare a calendar for your activities for a week, month, and year.
Technique # 8: Minimized Unplanned Activity. If it is not in your to do list do not spend time for it.
Technique # 9: Profit from "Odd-Lot" Time.Use your available time while having or doing other things.
Technique # 10: Live Off Peak. Stay away from traffic and congestion, go and proceed when it is clear to be fast moving in every activity you want to have in area that is use with other people.

This concept can be useful to remember if you're in advertising, marketing, and selling. But it is a useless, harmful, and delusion otherwise if you don't know how to control it.


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