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--- Benjamin Franklin

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Knowing about Psycho Cybernetics

Psycho Cybernetics is about changing and improving oneself, enabling to feel and live as changed individual.
The author Maxwell Maltz was a highly successful plastic surgeon based in New York. He found that though he could change his patients' faces, often they would still feel bad about their appearance for psychological reasons; they were in need of a "psychological facelift." Maltz popularised the term "self-image" to describe this inner face.In 1960 he published
Psycho-Cybernetics in which he introduced his analogy of the brain as a cybernetic "servo-mechanism", like the computer on a guided missile,designed to automatically find a path to the target (self-image) it is programmed with. His book was highly innovative at the time and became one of the most influential text son the subject of self-image psychology and goal visualization.


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