If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
--- Benjamin Franklin

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Money is not everything

Money can make your world go round.
Money enables you to have access to different convineinces.
Money can be a passport to all walks on the earth skin.
You could be great with money.
You can acquire almost anything with money.
But money is not everything, most of the essential things in life are free or priceless.
The air we breathe is free, sunlight is free, the beautiful environment is free.
Besides the great usefulness of money today, still there are many things that money can't buy; our love ones and the life we posses are being sustain free.
Never get sad when you don't have money because money is not everything. Go to your fellow and enjoy what life had brought. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Live like a KITE

The kite goes up in space with the air, it dance and sway in strong winds against him. The kite was played by anybody, it can be seen during summer and windy weather. The kite was known from children to adults.
But how many are familiar with the kite situation in flying, are we aware that the kite can't fly without the strong winds against him? Are we familiar that without strong wind the kite will go down, the life of kite or it's flying capability depend so much on strong winds, and without it, it will fall down. The kite doesn't go with the wind to survived, but it goes against the wind to move up and fly high.

Our life sometime goes with the flow, that we're afraid to face troubles and trials. But we must know that by exerting effort to move up against many obstacles and test which stands as winds in life will make us stronger and fly higher like the kite. Yet it is not so easy to fly and go up, just like the kite that will fall down and fly so high in the presence of oppositions, we too can do it and will make it.

Let it be that our oppositions are the source of our strength in embracing our dreams and goals in life. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Peace of Mind is attained when our mind is occupied

Our mind contain a lot of things, and they were there while you can't have them or until they were released. Sometimes we store them not only in the conscious mind but even in our subconscious mind. That is why our dream is about the things that we want or what bothers us daily.
Did you know that when we are occupied and focus to what we are doing, there is less trouble in our mind.
But if we don't have any work that will make us busy, possibilities are, we notice everything in our environment,  we sense any trouble that happen in our body, or sometimes we have enough time for unnecessary things.
There are a lot of benefits in making yourself occupied; one is achieving, another is fulfilling, and the most important is you maintain a peaceful mind while busy and later on having the products.
So why stay unoccupied when peaceful mind is attained when you're occupied. 


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