If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
--- Benjamin Franklin

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A wealthy Chinese businessman was now old and wanted to retire. So he called his three sons and told them: "I am not going to divide my business and give it to all three of you. What I want to find out is this; which of you is the best businessman? So I am going to test the three of you. Whoever wins the test gets the whole business."
So the old man gave each of the sons $10. With that money each one was supposed to buy something which would fill a big empty room. The boy who filled the room most completely would win.
The first boy went out and bought a big leafy tree. He had it cut down and dragged into the room. It filled about half the room.
The second young man went out and bought all the kunai grass which some farmers were cutting off their field. They carried it in and filled most of the room.
The third boy was the smartest. He went to a small trade store and bought a candle for 25c. in the evening, after the dark, he called his dad over to the large empty room. He then put the little candle down on the floor in the middle of the room and lighted it. After a minute or so he turned to his dad and said, "Dad, can you see any little corner of this room which is not filled by the light of that tiny candle?"
The boy won the business.

-Herb Trueblood

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Extending the Golden Rule

Good manners and proper behavior are always signs of good breeding and upbringing. People like us better when we are polite and gentle, than when we are rough, crude, and impolite.

"Politeness is to do and say. The kindest things in the kindest way."
This maxim we learn in our grades may well be our guide in determining what is polite and what is not. We can also fall back on the Golden Rule: "Don't do and say unto others what you do not want done or said to you."

Skill in relating warmly and positively to others is needed by every person who wants to enjoy

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Exemplar Role of a Teacher

Being a teacher is not about grades, it is about adding and multiplying the good manners and right conduct to the learners. Transforming children into able and capable citizen of our country.

Teacher is not just about being who we are, but holding the value of good character designer.
No books can teach you how to cry with your students when they are down, it is only acquire through getting along with them, knowing their needs and feelings.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Be aware

Most destructive habit: WORRY, we should know that 90 percent of the things we worry about don't really happen. We should not give burden to ourselves by worrying to things that last.

Greatest joy: GIVING, it is a habit that is good to nurture. In fact, the people you helped always include you in their prayers, sometimes it is burden but remember that by doing this you are investing your wealth in heaven.

Greatest Loss: LOSS OF SELF RESPECT, the thing that must not be happen to life of a person. Because having respect to yourself means gaining respect from others, if you don't respect yourself then how will others  respect you.

Most satisfying work: HELPING OTHERS, it is associated with giving, but helping other needs your effort and time. Only few can do this, it takes sacrifice and patience to help others achieve a goal. Other people achieved satisfaction in helping others, that is why they continue.

Most endangered species: DEDICATED LEADERS, because follower often expect more from leaders, and leaders don't meet their expectations. John Kennedy said that, "Ask not what the country can do for you, but rather ask ourselves what we can do for our country."  If we don't achieved good result with our leader, it is because we don't work with them.

Greatest problem to overcome: FEAR, the block to our aspirations and desires. If we did not succeed and develop ourselves, it is because we are covered and blinded with fear.

Most effective sleeping pill: PEACE OF MIND, they've said that there is no peace of mine unless you rest in peace, but don't be convince in that word because the peace of mind can be achieved through good thoughts and freeing our mind from guilt.

Most powerful force in life: LOVE, it is something that you can give it away, and it will come back to you.

Greatest asset: FAITH,

Most beautiful attire: SMILE,

Most priced possession: INTEGRITY,

Most important thing in life: BELIEF,

Monday, September 6, 2010

Stages of Human Suffering

Denial- it is always our first reaction when some unusual circumstance is happening to us. If it is good circumstances that arrives or come to us, at first we're ashame to accept it but feeling excited inside, there is the feeling that, "wow amazing, and very nice."  But if it is misfortune like acquiring a dreadful diseases, passing away of love ones, involvement in civil or criminal case, at first we always deny it because it is hard, hurting, and great burden to face those situation that comes in our life, immediately our reaction is, "I wish it is not mine or it is not true."
Anger- if we can't accept anything that happens or arrive, usually we get angry, trying to put blame on others or anything. Sometimes we hurt others or destroy things and materials, we even get drunk with alcohol or take drugs just to forget and give comfort to ourselves, and the worst thing if we can't take it is committing suicide or hurting ourself. 
Bargaining-still we can't accept what happens, if we are dying or has dreaded diseases, we promise and commit ourselves to do what is needed and perform better. If love ones past away, we still wish that some miracle will happen and will do everything just to have his life back, we even volunteer to give our life.
Depression-it is the most difficult part and stage, the saddest part. This time you will realize that this is it, there is no way to go back and correct what had happen. Facing the reality, feeling sad and down, sometimes you think that nobody cares and loves you because of what had happen, it is just like the heaven had fall down on you. It feels like you have lost all your strength in fighting the challenge that arrive in your life.
Acceptance-after the fight and struggle with Denial, Anger, Bargaining, and Depression, you are now ready to accept them. They are now passing, letting them free and go, although this is the final stage, that you are now accepting yourself as a loser, still the pain is there, but keeping it will not let you free. We must get ready to accept anything not good that happen, it hurts but it will bring and leave strength to face a new beginning. If we lost someone, take time to ponder on the good and happy moment that you were together, not all the days that come and pass with their presence are bad and not fruitful, of course you share some laugh together before, those are the things and memories that will inspire us and will make us remember them. Let us put in mind that no one stay and live forever, if there is a welcome eventually the next is goodbye.  Let the dawn of new day give us strength and hope to start new beginning, and will move on.

God will bless. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Comparing Here and There

There is no better than here. We're born and exist in a place that we love and cherish during childhood, but when  we have grown up, we have discovered that we need to move and find better place to stay in, we wonder and learn to stay away from the place that we were originally raised up and nurtured because we found out that the supply and  means are not sufficient and will not satisfy our daily needs. We explore other places to find better settlement and sources until we forget the real purpose of life. We stayed away from the original habitat, we resist the feeling of coming back again. But if we only learn to

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Magic of Looking Again

This assertion will oppose the "First Impression Last" statement. Looking once would not be a perfect way to conclude for anything whether it is a person or object, there are chance that we misinterpret because we're not so much keen in looking, that we missed other side of it, we must put in mind that although there are negatives but we must also give room for the positives that come in big and small portion. We must put in mind that anything can be improved and develop, but the sad thing is, sometimes we rely and contented to the conclusion of others regarding a certain thing that we do not try to look at it personally. Looking again will give chance for positive aspect, the ugly will be beautiful because you will start to appreciate the person in setting aside the negative portion of it. This is the secret why there are people who were developed and succeeded in doing things that others conceived it as ugly or unlovable. The ability to appreciate must be develop in a person so that he will learn to accept and love his environment.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Four RINGs in a relationship

First is the Engagement Ring, we acquire it when we decided to accept each other and start the relationship of understanding and getting to know each other better. It is the period when we promise that the relationship we have at present will proceed to marriage.

Second is the Wedding Ring, it is one of the most happiest moment that would ever happen to life of groom and bride, will tie each other to move as one, is the event that both parties would like to cherish for long, the moment when you become free to start your own family.

Third is the Suffer Ring, nobody wants or would like to welcome this. But it arrives and come to life of husband and wife, it is inevitable so we must be ready to accept it when it arrives. It is the hard and easy test of relationship to both parties involve. But don't panic and give up because it spices the couple's relationship, life would not be comfortable without this ring. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love your Profession..

Our profession is the source of our living where we get the bread and butter that is essential for survival. It's too bad that when we go to work and we don't love it, especially in our profession. If we are not excited every morning about getting into the room with all these little kids with their bright eyes waiting for you to help them get to that table, then we must get out of education to do no harm in molding the future of the kids. Find another way or job that you would think would fit in your desire and wants. There are other things that you can do, but let the children alone.
Every one need to be recognized in what she/he doing, because life is continuous relating. Learn to appreciate and praise because that is the only way that you could make someone glad without  giving him anything.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fantastic Statement

It doesn't matter who you have hurt, if you've learned not to hurt again. It doesn't matter what mistakes you've made as long as you don't make them again. As long as you learn, as long as you're willing to take life in your hands, and kiss it and go from there. Then there is growth. Then there is life.
Forgive yourself for not being perfect. And accept the responsibility for your own life.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Accept Who we Are..

   Stop hating yourself. Stop running yourself down. Put your arms around yourself and say, “You know, you’re all right! You may be losing your hair, but you’re all I’ve got!”
When you make peace with your weakness, you’ve made it! They’re not big, they just a small part of you.
   You’ve got to choose yourself. I’m sure the people who take their lives, who don’t live, are basically those who have no feeling of self respect. I don’t know when the last time was that anybody told you this, but I want to stress it: You are a miracle.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Don't worry with less..

  Buddha once made an incredible statement. He said, “The less you have, the less you have to worry about.” Everyone says, “Oh, yes, that’s so true.” Yet we collect and we collect and we collect. We have things in our cupboards we haven’t used in a thousand years. The dishes that mother bought for us over the Mayflower-put them out! It is an insult who made them to keep them locked in the cupboards. Use them-that’s what they made for, too. Nothing is forever.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Investment for Life

"Life needs investment before it yields interest. Never surrender if the circumstances and situations are not according to what you desired. This is perhaps your effort and investment period in Life has tenure. The time your investment tenure is complete, you will be rewarded with interest for the years you invested.”

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Do You See?

   An economist was asked to talk to group of business people. She tacked up a big sheet of white paper. Then she drew a black spot on the paper and asked a man in the front row what she saw.
   The man answered promptly, “A black spot.”
   The speaker asked every person in the room the same question and each replied, “A black spot.”
   With calm and deliberate emphasis, the speaker then said, “Yes, there is a little black spot, but none of you mentioned the big sheet of white paper. And that’s speech.”

Christopher Newsletter

Seeing Dirt

   The estate of the Duke of Devonshire in England contains many priceless paintings and is open to the public. One day a group of people were moving through the spacious rooms admiring the paintings. One woman never spoke a word but would repeatedly go close to a picture and examine it very carefully. After the tour someone asked what she thought of it all.
   “It was perfect,” she said, with real enthusiasm, “I could not find a speck of dust anywhere.”
   How often we miss the beauty of life because we are so intent on looking for faults.


Saturday, March 13, 2010


           Anyone celebrating any birthday beyond seventy is repeatedly pestered with the usual question, “What was the secret of your long life?”
            An elderly nun, Sister Ruth, was asked, “What would you do if you had a chance to do it all over again?”
            She said, “As you see, I’m a nun. As such, I belong to a group of orderly, organized people who live a regular and healthy life. So that’s what I did, too. But there were times when I had my silly moments. And if I could do it all over again, I would like to have more of those silly moments. In other words, the next time around, I would not do much planning. I would leave more to chance. You know, I’m one of those people who carry around a thermometer, hot water bottle and raincoat-just in case. The next time around, I would leave all the gear at home. I would get up before dawn and walk barefoot in the dewy grass. I would take ride or two on a merry-to-round. And I would not trouble my head about what anyone else thought about it.”
            What this gray-haired Sister was saying was: “I’d trust in God more…. And leave most of the running of my life to him.”

     -Hans Dieter Schelauske


Whatever you do, don’t get into a rut. Following the lines of least resistance is a tendency which everybody has to fight against. It is so easy to let things slide, to go on as we been going, Our mental grooves of laziness in thought and actions wear deeper.
Our reason why we tend to travel in ruts is that we like to go along with the crowd and be popular with it. We dress alike, we eat alike, and we behave alike. The average person has no shield against ridicule. We do almost everything by the same pattern just because we are afraid of being conspicuous. Many man and woman have original ideas, but they are timid about expressing them. They know they run the risk of being commented on, if not actually jeered at. Only a few have sufficient strength of character to be themselves and let the world go hang, and it is those few who become the leaders of thought, and push civilization along.
-Louis E. Bisch

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Be careful of our Assumptions and Perceptions

We make our own opinion on matters, people, and event without thinking twice on a certain issue. If we assume that things are wrong, we make reasons and certify that it is actually wrong. If we feel that a person is wrong or bad, we conclude that he/she is certified bad. But some times, this perception changes when we realize that we thought from just one side. Because we never bothered to view the other side of the story, we did not consider any reason that would possibly check the other side in order to justify.


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